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The Heavy Heart

Through his story, you will walk many paths, feel a wide range of emotion and come full circle to the reality of Being Known by God. This book is a stand-alone, like none other, one that rivets the open heart and actually, if the reader’s heart is not yet open, it will be by the conclusion! An adventurous, incredible and inspiring read for all, male or female, whether at the start, in the middle of a personal journey or even for those about to embark upon one unknowingly."​

Corbetta Gregory
mom of two, artist and entrepreneur

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Brandon Johnson


Brandon Johnson truly has the gift of Authorship – as evident in his debut Autobiography, “The Heavy Heart – And the Unexpected Place of Healing, Guernsey”.

He passionately and transparently walks his readers through a myriad of deeply personal experiences and cleverly encircles them in intriguing, yet very specific scriptures from God’s word.

Brandon’s way of storytelling brings the reader into a real sense of connection with him personally, as well as with the Creator he so fervently runs to and continually connects with.

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The Heavy Heart & the Unexpected Place of Healing, Guernsey

"This book is a stand-alone, like none other."

The foundation for his work, which he has coined, is the “Colossians 3 Perspective” and it is the driving force of truth by which he lives, breathes and is now sharing with all who will hear.